part-time programme
à la carte




In a maximum period of 5 years, the student would have the possibility to validate the independent modules as part of RMES Post-graduate programmes.


If it is you case, select below the studies you want to take and the mandatory courses will appear.

  • Select below the course you are interested in, and register for it.
  • Discover if you have the applicant profile to be a RMES student.
  • If you want to convalidate this for the Master's degrees, send the form.
  • Once all completed, validate the independent courses as a Master's Degree.

Leading change in

microsurgery education excellence

RMES. Academic expertise in microsurgery and permanent connection with the professional world.

The Reconstructive Microsurgery European School (RMES) offers you the opportunity to study with top experts in microsurgery,who have the expertise to provide you with the training needed to be competitive in the diferent fields of the reconstructive microsurgery and breast surgery.


Throughout the years, RMES has forged deep-rooted ties with the microsurgery centres around Europe and other countries as a platform for education and innovation.

RMES Flexible part-time programme à la carte

The Flexible Plan programme, à la carte mission is to train individuals to become highly-competent professionals in microsurgery in different steps.


The main asset of this programme are surgeons who only have a limited amount of time or resources that prevents them from accessing to our Post-graduate programmes. The high demand of surgeons interested in register to our modules separately has made us to consider the necessity to elaborate a programme that it could be readily adapted to this new demand.